Archery Club Senpai

Sousuke“Sousuke-senpai is a national champion in archery. He trains every day to achieve perfect aim and form. He has an older twin brother.”

Once you unlock him, place his favorite items in the cafe (try the Dango or Mat with Food) to gain interest and increase his visits; he will arrive with golden coffee beans.Collectibles 1

This Senpai only has one Guest Note (Special Note), and one CG moment, which you’ll see later on, in his collection.

♥ Congratulations, you’ve unlocked Archery Club Senpai!

Hinata-senpai (Tea Ceremony Senpai) and him are siblings, and the two of them are related to Soujirou (Calligraphy Club Senpai).

Archery Club SenpaiProfile

Height: 5’11 ft

Birthday: November 11 (Scorpio)

Sousuke has slicked back black hair and he wears a white and black Japanese archery outfit with a black shooting glove on his right hand. He wears a necklace with a yinpendant.

Congratulations, now you can give Sousuke-senpai a nickname!

These are the nicknames eligible for this character:

Sousuke-senpai / Sou-kun / Sousuke-sama / Sousuke

Congratulations, you have received a guest note from Sousuke-senpai!

GN Archery



 Thanks for always bringing me tea during archery training! Your iced tea blend is really refreshing!

– Sousuke-senpai



You’re almost there! This senpai only one CG moment, and it’ll unlock on level 5.

(Requires 210 visits to unlock)

Congratulations, you have unlocked the CG moment!

You were asked to deliver a pitcher of iced tea to the outdoor archery range. The weather today is quite humid so you thought the archery team might want something to help cool off.

When you get there though, only one person is in the range. It’s Sousuke-senpai and he’s practicing with a longbow. He doesn’t notice you come in but you don’t call out to him as he was in the middle of drawing his bow. His form is absolutely elegant. He fires the arrow and it hits the target right in the center.

As he sets down his bow, you approach him. “Sousuke-senpai I brought your order!”

 “Ah (your name)! Thank you so much! I really needed this! This is the new blend Onii-san recommended, right?”

“Yes, it is! Is the entire pitcher just for you?” you asked.Sousuke, CG 1

He placed his arms on his waist, looking around his training room, “with the weather today being the way it is, I know I can finish this by the time I’m done with training.”

You notice a light sheen of sweat on his brow. You instinctively grab your handkerchief from your pocket and hand it to him.

 “Oh, thank you so much (your name)! That’s really kind of you.” He lightly dabs your handkerchief on his brow.

“No problem, senpai. You’ve been training really hard even in this weather!” you comment cheerfully.

“Well, I have to practice every day to achieve perfect aim! You’re no different from me! You work hard every day! You tirelessly run around the campus delivering cafe drinks to all your customers!” he paused. “I guess we’re kind of similar in that aspect. That’s one of the things I like about you.” He confessed.

“Come again?” You say thinking you heard wrong.

He smirked, whipping with your handkerchief. “Ah, it’s nothing. Thanks again for the iced tea.”

You have fully unlocked this Senpai, have fun dressing him up with the new feature and unlocking the rest of the Senpais!


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