Childhood Friend Senpai


“Takeru-senpai is your friend from childhood. Being a few years older, he has always been protective of you.”

Once you unlock him, place his favorite items in the cafe (try the Stuffed Bear) to gain interest and increase his visits; he will arrive with premium coffee beans.Collectibles 2

This Senpai has two Guest Notes (Special Notes), and two CG moments, which you’ll see later on, in his collection.

♥ Congratulations, you’ve unlocked Childhood Friend Senpai!

Childhood Friend SenpaiProfile

Height: 5’11

Birthday: March 22 (Aries)

Takeru has short light brown hair. He wears a black blazer over his uniform – a white long sleeve dress shirt, a brown vest, black pants and shoes.



Congratulations, now you can give Takeru-senpai a nickname!

These are the nicknames eligible for this character:

Takeru-Senpai / Take-Nii / Take-Chan / Take-Pyon

Congratulations, you have received a guest note from Takeru-senpai!

GN Takeru 2


Thanks for the tea! My mom wants you to come over for dinner just like old times! Call me when you’re free!



Congratulations, you have unlocked the first CG moment!

(Requires 205 visits to unlock)

It’s that boy who always sits on the table with your old stuffed bear. He pets its head and gazes at it longingly.

You bring his coffee over. He looks up. “Thank you.” Suddenly, his eyes widen and he reaches out and grabs your arm. “Wait! I know you!”Takeru, CG 1 (1)

“Eh?” you say startled.

“It’s me, Takeru-senpai! I was your neighbor but I moved away after my grade school graduation!” he says pointing to himself.

“Takeru-senpai? Ah! Take-niichan! It’s nice to see you again!” you smile at him, joy running through your veins.

“It’s been such a long time. Thank you for keeping this bear I gave you.” He says. “It’s great to know that I can visit you anytime at this cafe! Please take care of me!”

Congratulations, you have unlocked the second CG moment!

(Requires 310 visits to unlock)

Takeru-senpai sits quietly in the corner. His face looks like he’s deeply concerned about something. He keeps glancing over to you. You come up to him to serve his coffee. “Take-niichan? Are you okay? Is something the matter?”

Takeru, CG 2 (2)“(Your name), will you sit with me for a while? I need to talk to you about something.” He says. “I’m sorry if I’ve been acting weird these past few days. I’ve been thinking about things lately and I realized something.”

“Yes?” you wait for him to respond.

“I’d like you to stop calling me Take-niichan. You see, I’ve never really seen you as a little sister.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“I’ve always liked you, (your name), even since we were kids. I hope we can be more than what we were before.” He leans in and closes his eyes.

You have fully unlocked this Senpai, have fun dressing him up with the new feature and unlocking the rest of the Senpais!


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