Butler Senpai


“Souh-senpai tried out being a butler during a school festival and enjoyed it. Now he does this regularly for extra cash.”

Once you unlock him, place his favorite items in the cafe (try the Fancy Tea-set or Piano) to gain interest and increase his visits; he will arrive with gourmet coffee beans.Collectibles 1

This Senpai only has one Guest Note (Special Note), and one CG moment, which you’ll see later on, in his collection.

♥ Congratulations, you’ve unlocked Butler Senpai!

Souh looks a lot like Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler ! Ah, he’s so beautiful. Thankfully Souh doesn’t get bossed around by a child, but by a beautiful phone owner… that could also be a child… Thankfully he doesn’t need to follow orders ’cause he’s not a demon… or is he?

Butler SenpaiProfile

Height: 6’1

Birthday: April 9 (Aries)

Souh has short brown hair, and wears a golden monocle. Instead of his uniform, he uses a butler costume with long coattails.




Congratulations, now you can give Souh-senpai a nickname!

These are the nicknames eligible for this character:

Souh-Senpai / Souh-Sama / Souh-Kun / Souh-Chan

Congratulations, you have received a guest note from Souh-senpai!

GN Souh 2



It’s such a pleasure working with you! Next time, let me make you some tea!




You’re almost there! This senpai only one CG moment, and it’ll unlock on level 5.

(Requires 220 visits to unlock)

Recommendation: Place the Fancy Tea Set, this might help increase the interest level or enable the CG moment.

Congratulations, you have unlocked the CG moment!

Souh-senpai often helps out at the cafe. Today, he stayed behind to clean the tables while you do coffee inventory in the store room. You finish the task and step out to see Souh-senpai waiting for you.Butler Senpai, Souh

“This way, my lady.”

“Souh-senpai? What is it?” you say.

“I’ve prepared something for you.” He takes your hand and leads you to the dining area. On one of the tables, there was a gorgeous assortment of cakes and tea. He pulls a chair out and motions for you to sit. “You always seem to be serving and assisting everyone else. I want you to experience being on the other side for once.”

Souh-senpai goes down on one knee and takes your hand. “(Your name), you of all people exude all the qualities of what a modern day lady should be. You are smart, hardworking, and kind. As a butler, I want you to be the lady I serve. There is no one more ideal in my mind. Will you let me stay by your side forever?”

You have fully unlocked this Senpai, have fun dressing him up with the new feature and unlocking the rest of the Senpais!


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