Goat Senpai


“Baa, the mysterious school mascot, has never really been seen without his mask. Some say he’s a real goat.”

Once you unlock him, place his favorite items in the cafe (try all the plants) to gain interest and increase his visits; he will arrive with premium coffee beans.Collectibles 1

This Senpai only has one Guest Note (Special Note), and one CG moment, which you’ll see later on, in his collection.

♥ Congratulations, you’ve unlocked Goat Senpai!


Goat SenpaiProfile

Height: 5’11

Birthday: December 30 (Capricorn)

Baa has the mascot head of a white goat, chewing on a leaf. Later on the game, when you unlock his CG moment, you’ll see his long, curly, and dark brown hair. He wears his school uniform – a brown sweater vest, a white long-sleeve shirt, black pants and shoes.



Congratulations, now you can give Baa-senpai a nickname!

These are the nicknames eligible for this character:

Baa / Baa-Senpai / Goat-Kun / Mascot-Chan

Congratulations, you have received a guest note from Baa-senpai!

GN Baa 2






You’re almost there! This senpai only one CG moment, and it’ll unlock on level 5.

(Requires 190 visits to unlock)

Congratulations, you have unlocked the CG moment!

Everyone seems to have gone home, and you’re alone with Baa. As usual, he’s not saying anything, except for the occasional bleat. But when you turn to look at him, he is staring at you intently. “Uhm, is something the matter?”Goat Senpai, Baa

“(Your name).” he says softly.

“EH? YOU CAN TALK?” you shout, surprised.

“Yeah… Did you really think I was a goat?” Baa takes off the goat head. Underneath the mask is a handsome brown-haired boy with soft features. “Thanks for letting me hang around here all the time. Even with the goat head on, you still talk to me and greet me.” Baa-senpai gave you a small smile, “You don’t avoid me like other people. Thank you for that. My name is Akira.” He introduces himself, “if it’s okay with you, I’d like to hang out with you and talk properly. With the mask off, that is.”

You have fully unlocked this Senpai, have fun dressing him up with the new feature and unlocking the rest of the Senpais!


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