School Festival Senpai


“Hajime-senpai loves organizing and leading festivals. He is very energetic and loves playing taiko drums.”

Once you unlock him, place his favorite items in the cafe (try the Pet Dog or Basketball Ball) to gain interest and increase his visits; he will arrive with basic coffee beans.Collectibles 1

This Senpai only has one Guest Note (Special Note), and one CG moment, which you’ll see later on, in his collection.


♥ Congratulations, you’ve unlocked School Festival Senpai!

When I saw the CG, I couldn’t help imagine him like the guitar player in Mad Max. You know that there’s like a guitar solo, AND a drum beat? Well, I imagined him with the same passion those two on the fight.

School Festival SenpaiProfile

Height: 6’2

Birthday: November 26 (Sagittarius)

Hajime has a dark complexion, has stubble on his chin, has longish dark brown hair, and he wears a blue and white festival band around his head. He wears blue and white festival attire with an orange waistband.



Congratulations, now you can give Hajime-senpai a nickname!

These are the nicknames eligible for this character:

Hajime-Senpai / Tsuyoi-Kun / Hajime-Kun / Hajime

Congratulations, you have received a guest note from Hajime-senpai!

GN Hajime 2(Requires 34 visits to obtain)



Your coffee fuels the flame in my soul. I feel so energized and ready to celebrate life!!!




You’re almost there! This senpai only one CG moment, and it’ll unlock on level 5.

Recommendation: Place the Taiko Drums, this might help to enable the CG moment.

(Requires 85 visits to unlock)

Congratulations, you have unlocked the CG moment!

You hear loud drumming coming from outside. No doubt it’s Hajime-senpai again. You wonder what festival this is for.School Festival Senpai, Hajime

Nothing seems to be scheduled in the school calendar. “(Your name)! Come on out.”

You hear him say from outside. You wonder what this could be. You open the cafe door. Hajime-senpai is on a taiko drum, surrounded by people waving banners with hearts on them.

“I will show you, with this drum performance, the strength of my feelings for you.” He takes a deep breath. “HYAAAAA!”

He keeps a drumming a loud and steady rhythm. “This beat represents the beat of my heart when I’m with you, strong and steady. Seeing you fills me with so much energy and passion for life. Every day feels like a festival when I’m with you.”

You have fully unlocked this Senpai, have fun dressing him up with the new feature and unlocking the rest of the Senpais!


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