Wanto Ranto #1

In the psychology classes I’ve taken, the professors never fail to mention the Humanist Theory. Giving a brief explanation, and to what I understood, of this theory is that it shows us how to view the ‘patient’ as a ‘client’ and how the ‘client’ is ‘always right’. This theory has a lot more to go through, of course, but I want to focus on this part. The saying ‘the client is always right’ is just plain bull, because they aren’t always right; but maybe they’re viewing it as doctor-patient, since it’s a term to not view the patient as a patient, but they apply this a lot on every work place and it’s just stupid. Simply saying, I just don’t understand. The cause of this rant is due to something that happened at my job, and I had to take it off my chest.

I work at a hospital, in the reception (information) area. My tasks are to give information, answer and transfer calls, and client service. Like any other job, it’s really stressful; especially on week days. I’ve been working here for around 5 years, so I know how the work load is in every shift. Behind my desk, near the elevator area, there’s another desk that’s destined for the guards. They register all the people that are going to visit before they go to the floor. Last Friday, the 22nd, I was on the evening shift, and it’s usually really slow. The guard behind me had been on a 12 hour shift, and when I got there she was exhausted. We started chatting, to cool of those engines, when a couple arrived to visit. She excuses herself and goes to assist the visitors, and politely asks them ‘are you going to visit?’ This is a very common question because the elevators go to different places, and it’s her job to make sure to register the visitors or that patients go the right way to their destination. It’s easy to listen from my desk to the guard’s post because it’s near, and the man’s voice was loud enough, and clear, for me to hear. I will never understand how, after a 12 hour shift, she was still this nice and alive. Here’s the situation: After she asked the couple if they were going to visit, the man responded really loudly, and clear, “OBVIOUSLY”. The translation is not enough to show how obnoxious and arrogant that came out. It may not seem like a huge offense worthy of a rant, but it really grinded my gears.

People come to establishments like they’ve never worked a day in their lives and deserve everything in a silver platter. They think they can speak to us however they want because we’re just an employee, and that’s how they’re supposed to treat us. Look, we as employees are supposed to give clients/patients/guests/visitors a good service, because that’s why we’re getting paid for; yes, we’re supposed to give them everything in a silver platter because that’s the expected service; but we’re not slaves. Sometimes they don’t even pay us enough for the job we do. We have to waste most of our time in a job, sometimes we don’t even like, to raise enough money to survive. We have to deal with our problems, and give a big smile to have some egghead treat us like crap.  

Just to clarify, she just approached the couple, and asked them. No sass, no Ross-like attitude (Monsters INC Paperwork, slug-like lady), nothing but pure politeness and work attitude. The man just said that, I wasn’t sure if it actually happened until I asked her. When it happened, I stood and walked to see her desk and the man walked towards with an attitude, like ‘I can’t believe I’m doing this right now, unbelievable’ kind of attitude.  She proceeded with her job, and they went to visit. If it was supposed to be a joke, it didn’t look or sounded like one.

This doesn’t cover enough all my thoughts, because this topic makes me very bitter. The only way to release the stress and anxiety is to write them down, but lately that’s not even enough. I don’t have enough fingers to number how many times I’ve gone to a bathroom to cry because a ‘client’ has been rude to me. They just blame you when other departments are at fault. They just yell at you because you’re telling them the right information when they have it wrong, or in my co-workers case, doing your job. Just to throw this out there, there are clients that are nice, and there are employees that are complete eggheads. I just wish there were more respect to one another, because the only thing that’s holding us not to snap is our paycheck.

*mike drop*


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