Senpai List

As you run the café, located in Third Year building, to help pay for your studies, you’re going to come upon some very handsome and talented upperclassmen. On the game, your only job is to unlock these characters and their collection. Here is a list of the following Senpai !

If you wish to unlock the characters by yourself DO NOT continue with these posts and go back here ☆⌒c(´∀`)ノ for a general description of the game. In the other hand, if you wish to know all of the characters, and see their collection carry on !

IzumiNerd Senpai

YuuYoung Senpai

RenLazy Senpai

TouyaArt Club Senpai

HajimeSchool Festival Senpai

ReijiScience Lab Senpai

ShunGamer Senpai

SoumaGourmet Club Senpai

WakatoshiDelinquent Senpai

MakotoBasketball Captain Senpai

TokiyaDrama Club Senpai

BaaGoat Senpai

SoujiroCalligraphy Club Senpai

SouhButler Senpai

TouruStudent Council Senpai

HidekiCrammer Senpai**

SuzukiIdol Senpai**

YamatoRocker Senpai**


TakeruChildhood Friend Senpai**

HarukaSchool Infirmary Sensei**

(Valentine’s Day/White Day Special)

JéanPlayboy Senpai** 

(Valentine’s Day/White Day Special)

AiCupid Senpai

(Valentine’s Day/White Day Special)


Tea Ceremony Senpai


Archery Team Senpai


Ninja Senpai


Part-time Job Senpai


Swim Team Senpai


The characters with the following character (**) have two CG moments to unlock.

In February 2016, Notice me Senpai had an update with 3 new characters specially made for the season. On Valentine’s day, the girls give out chocolate to the boys (on the update you gave chocolate to all the Senpais); on White day – March 14- you’d receive ‘chocolate’ from the boys (you’d receive a special White day item, coffee, coins and gems).

UPDATE ! [6/5/2016] Last month, May 2016, there was a new update that included new things, specifically new Senpais ! They’re very Japanese themed, together with the new room set and items.

UPDATE ! [7/26/2016] Due to the loss of my phone memory, I will no longer follow Notice me Senpai updates. Click (*꒦ິ⌓꒦ີ) for a more elaborate explanation.


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