Notice me Senpai !

♡(。→ˇ艸←) Notice me Senpai


If you’ve played 10B Wives, there’s a similar game called Notice me Senpai. The app is available for Apple iOS and Google Android, these being the only systems I’ve downloaded it. The purpose of this game is quite similar to 10B Wives, where you unlock wives giving them love.

Following the description of the app, you’re the first female student at an all-boys school, and you take a job at the Third Year Building café to pay help pay for your studies. You need to attract new customers and manage the café, while meeting all sorts of upperclassmen.

The difference of this game, from 10B Wives, is that you don’t need to sit there and wait to get all the points to level up your Senpai. You need to find out what your Senpai likes, and make him come back to the café. Another difference, if you have played 10B Wives, is that there isn’t any kind of money exchange; it’s completely free. The app is free to download, but you have the choice to do in-app purchases for gems (very cheap). The game goes with two money systems, coins and gems; as each Senpai leaves, he’ll pay for your service (or all the coffee they’ve consumed – mainly, they’ll pay for using one of the items displayed). At first it’ll be a little tedious, because they’ll give more coins than gems, but once you start buying items, and unlocking Senpais, you’ll see how the gems start to appear more.

With all honesty, these types of games aren’t my thing because you need to get on frequently to unlock each character, and I’m not patient. I’ve tried looking up websites to see the characters, and see how they look like, but I wasn’t lucky (same with 10B Wives, but I’m almost finishing that one (*^-‘) 乃). Even though it’s a fun game to pass time, you just want to get on with it and unlock them all. I’m here to make your senpai-unlocking easier/faster, or just spoiling the whole game for you. If you just want to unlock them faster, read the post, and go back to gaming; if not stay tuned to more posts.

Note: If there’s an update, the information is going to change.


If you don’t mind waiting months to unlock each Senpai, take your time, there’s honestly no hurry. If you don’t want any spoilers, but you’re not very patient, I’m going to give you some advises so you unlock them all in matter of a small time.

LOG IN FREQUENTLY. Although you have an unlimited amount of coffee, you need to reload the machine – if not, there won’t be any visits; therefore, log in frequently. The addiction kicked in quickly for me, so I’d log in each 20 to 30 minutes; there isn’t much to do but to refill and wait, each hour would be as good. If you haven’t unlock them all yet, logging in is kind of important if you want new characters; with each change you make (item or coffee) the more chances you get to unlock a new Senpai. To unlock the character you don’t need to wait each day, it’s all items and coffee.

BUY ALL THE ITEMS. Don’t focus on buying different types of coffee just yet, buy all the items. The more items you have, the more Senpai’s you’ll get. Each Senpai has a specific item set for them, if you don’t buy the item, you might not unlock the event or not unlock the Senpai. Once you get rid of them all, focus on the different types of coffee.

SAVE THE GEMS. When you start the game, it will be really hard to get gems. There are items that need to be bought with them, those items can wait (very contradictory, but I’ll explain why). You need up to 200 gems to unlock the other side of the café, and trust me you’ll want that. Why? Because extension means more space, more space means more places to put items, and more items means more Senpai. Once you unlock it, you can buy the rest of the items or save to buy a different theme for your café. Keep your focus on the items. Once you have many characters visiting, you’ll get more gems.

DON’T FORGET TO PUT COFFEE. As I mentioned before, you need to reload the coffee machine each time it runs out, these upperclassmen go mainly for that – you’re running a café. If there isn’t any coffee, no characters will appear; there won’t be any money or gems for you to spend if there aren’t any clients.

There is no right way to play this game; you can do it at your own pace. These suggestions are from me to you in order to unlock all the characters quickly; this is my strategy.


Note: If there’s an update, the information is going to change. In the game there are 3 things you need to unlock: Senpai (26), CG (33), and Guest Notes (26). Unlocking the characters is easy, as pointed out previously, all you have to do is log in frequently with each item/coffee you add/change. The CG moments, and guest notes come after you unlock them, and you have reached their interest. Here’s a way to keep track:

(level 1) Black Heart: Character Unlocked ! If the Senpai you like has this color, try putting all the items the character likes (see their favorites).

(level 2) Turquoise Heart: Unlocking Nicknames ! Fun feature, when the character reaches this level, you’re allowed to choose a nickname for them. You’ll have 4 options to choose from, for example: Patsuko–Senpai, Patsu–Chan (-Sama, -San, -Kun, -Pyon, -Sensei), Patsu, Patsuko. You choose the one you like the most. I’m still unsure if the election you make affects the interest of the character, so far it doesn’t seem like it does.

(level 3) Green Heart: Guest Note Unlocked ! Once you log in, you’ll receive the note. If it doesn’t appear, either check the character profile or wait a little longer. Keep rearranging and adding coffee beans, keep increasing your Senpai’s love~

(level 4) Purple Heart: CG Unlocked ! There are some characters that at this level you’ll unlock one of their CG moments, that’s because some characters have two CG moments. When you open the app, you’ll find your screen black with the character in the middle. It’s like a surprise ! If your character is at color/level, and you haven’t unlocked it (and says it has 2 CG) wait.

(level 5) Red Heart: CG Unlocked ! Once you receive the CG moment, your Senpai’s visits MAX and whether you have coffee or not they’ll visit. You can then try and get other Senpais attention, though they’ll still get it by the arrangements of your items.

Click here for Senpai !


There are 5 different types of coffee. At least 3 of them will help you unlock different Senpai. Since this is not tea, I cannot name the coffee as Ramona did in Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe. Here are the different types of coffee: Basic Beans (UNLIMITED), Premium Beans (150 Coins), Gourmet Beans (200 Coins), Golden Beans (10 Gems), and Magic Beans (20 Gems).

This is an approximation of how many Senpai will arrive with the different types of coffee. With the Basic Beans, you’ll unlock around 9 Senpai; if you didn’t unlock those 9, try using the Premium Beans to unlock them. Those are the main beans that will unlock most of the Senpai. The Gourmet Beans will help you unlock around 3 more, and the Golden Beans will unlock 3 more. Now, this I’m sure of, the Magic Beans will help you unlock the last 5 Senpais, those with the double CG moment. This is how I managed to unlock them all, I tried to keep close attention, but my information may not be completely accurate, coffee wise. Just have in mind that different coffees unlock different Senpais.


As I’ve continually mentioned, items will help the clients have more interest towards the café. You need to arrange and rearrange so they’ll visit often. It is entertaining, yet tedious with time. There are some characters that are themed; those characters have a specific object for them. You’ll know it’s the specific item for them because they’ll use it. If it isn’t, even though they like it, they’ll just stand in front of it. Those items may unlock a CG memory with some characters, if your Senpai is at a Purple Heart and days have passed and the CG moment won’t unlock, you need to buy an item. I had this problem with one of the Senpais, my favorite, and once I bought it, BOOM CG moment triggered. If you don’t trigger it, arrange and rearrange with their favorite items until you unlock it.

Click here for a list of items !

Edited: 3/20/20106, 6/5/2016


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